ROSE is entirely developed and produced in our workshop in Limoges. The comfort is a priority for our young ballerinas. ROSE has an alcantara tip (Extends durability of the shoe), a microfiber insole (absorbs perspiration) and foam tips (provided as an option for comfort). The heel is designed to extend perfectly the line of the foot. A shape for beginners. The position of the foot inside the shoe is crucial to avoid any distortions and/or a poor foot placement. The boxes slightly V-shaped cut allows the foot to be locked and maintained in a correct position, preventing the foot from collapsiong to the bottom of the shoe. The well-being of our dancers is a priority for Merlet.

  • Beginner
  • Materials : Satin
  • Colors : Flesh
  • Widths : C
  • Soles : S1,S2
  • Sizes (with 1/2 sizes) : 32 - 42
  • Shanks : 4/4