Conseil fitting

Fitting your pointe shoes – what you need to know

Preparing for your pointe shoe fitting … Always arrive prepared! Bring the essentials with you to ensure that you have the same feeling in the shop as you will when you get back on pointe in class. • Bring clean tights • If it’s your first pair of pointe shoes, ask your teacher what type […]

It’s never too late to dance

Not the right silhouette, flexibility, coordination, age …  not true! Perceptions are just that, they are not the reality. Beginning classical dance at an adult age is possible!   At Merlet, with passion and tenacity, everything is possible. Dance is a passion but also a rigorous discipline. You have to work and shape your body, […]

Discover the Merlet dance tights

Soft and comfortable, Merlet tights perfectly draw the leg movements. Available in Black or White colours, Merlet dance tights are ultra resistant and designed for children and adults. Click here to learn more

Spring is here !

Spring is here and the new Merlet ballroom shoes collection is in your dance shop. On the program: chic, trend and pastel colors. Find the nearest shop here