Keep on trusting MERLET

PRELUDE, MIRA, EMPREINTE… You knew our historical pointe shoes? Rest assured, the magic of Merlet has continued to spread to our newer models that have been designed to meet today’s needs. Here are the new cutting‐edge models, handmade in Limoges, that will delight you!

MERLET support local!

We source all of our raw materials to make our pointe shoes locally to our workshop 📍 bringing you the best quality construction ✅ whilst also supporting local employment and economics 📈 We take our ecological ♻️ and social responsiblity very seriously and strive every day to bring you the very best every time!

XIA, your favourite flat ballroom shoe

Ideal for ballroom dancing with comfort and elegance, for indoor working for people on their feet all day. Don’t forget that all of our Merlet ballroom shoe soles can be adapted for outdoor use (see your local cobbler).

Merlet danse de salon 2022

Ballroom shoes – Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Our Spring Summer collection brings with her a warm wind of change : soft colours, sometimes with a shiny touch to illuminate your look, fashionable pastel tones, materials with constrasting textures… Always made with the greatest care & attention to detail, our shoes continue to evolve with an eco-responsible approach whilst maintaining their perfect combination […]

Merlet x French Shoe Federation

The French Shoe Federation visited our workshop in Verneuil-sur-Vienne (France) to discover the design and manufacture of Merlet pointe shoes. Discover all the manufacturing steps in the video!